My wife and I have always been fairly avid photography hobbyists, but always pursued it as just that: a hobby. We generally didn't mix business with hobby because frankly, we had enough of both. I focused on my career and kept my passion for art for weekends and vacation, Sarah did volunteer photo events for the SPCA. Recently, the company that employed both of us underwent a major downsizing and we found ourselves suddenly out of work, leaving a gaping hole of "business" unfilled. Neither of us are in a rush to get back to work, but are both passionate enough about this to give this adventure a shot. GTA Headshots: Servicing the greater Toronto area, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and all the way up to Ste-Catharines.

We offer corporate headshot photography services (Frank is the Photographer, Sarah does retouching) both locally in our Stoney Creek home, or can travel to any location. Services available on an individual basis, or by day/half-day rates. Prices always reasonable, service always fast!