Canadian Niagara Power

Took a weekday trip to Niagara falls. but still found some time to shoot a few photos; this one my favorite by far. A total fluke, we found ourselves behind this building by turning into the wrong street.. after doing a u-turn, this building, and puddle were staring me in the face. Minimal editing here, so I'm super happy with it.

Canadian Niagara Power 

New York Vacation

Drove to Manhattan on Business at the beginning of the month and had some fantastic opportunities to shoot some photos while I was there.

Times Square jusr after rush hour..

We walked from Times Square down to the classic Empire State Building (PIctures from the top to come in a later post)

Our hotel was just a  block away from the east river and these views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

What a beauty!

What a beauty!

Seeking Input: Free LinkedIn Photos?

I started this business for a few reasons, mainly because I love taking photos but also because I believe in the product I'm providing and I know how much it can help people in the market for a new job. When people are out of work, that's usually when they are in need of as much help and support as they can possibly get. Herein lies my dilemma; it seems that the people who need a new photo the most, would be the least likely to have money they're willing to part with at this moment of their life. 

What if I offered to shoot profile photos for anyone out of work, for free? Well, not exactly free, but I would simply ask that once they were back on their feet and found work, to pay then (or show that they donated the funds to a charity). I wouldn't do a credit check, take a deposit, or anything else to track people. We're talking honor system here. Sure someone might take advantage, but anyone needing it bad enough to take advantage like that probably needs the money more than I do so I'd likely still be doing them a favor.

There would be some catches of course. The photos would have to be at my home studio to minimize cost and I would retain image rights so I could use the images in my portfolio, but aside from that - this just seems like a good way to help people, grow my business and do something I love.

Please share your thoughts/opinions/advice/rants.



My wife and I have always been fairly avid photography hobbyists, but always pursued it as just that: a hobby. We generally didn't mix business with hobby because frankly, we had enough of both. I focused on my career and kept my passion for art for weekends and vacation, Sarah did volunteer photo events for the SPCA. Recently, the company that employed both of us underwent a major downsizing and we found ourselves suddenly out of work, leaving a gaping hole of "business" unfilled. Neither of us are in a rush to get back to work, but are both passionate enough about this to give this adventure a shot. GTA Headshots: Servicing the greater Toronto area, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and all the way up to Ste-Catharines.

We offer corporate headshot photography services (Frank is the Photographer, Sarah does retouching) both locally in our Stoney Creek home, or can travel to any location. Services available on an individual basis, or by day/half-day rates. Prices always reasonable, service always fast!